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The purpose of this website is to provide free convenient access -- for the entire world -- to verifiable text of presidential signing statements and the laws to which they apply.

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No copyright, intellectual property, or other rights are claimed in any of the laws, signing statements, or other government-authored documents presented here. No one owns the law or presidential signing statements. Feel free to data mine or swipe the laws, signing statements, and other government documents.

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There are four items of original authorship on this website: (i) the FAQs page; (ii) the entire page titled "About This Website;" (iii) the annotations following each signing statement; and (iv) the "News About Signing Statements" feature, including the archived news items. You must have my prior express permission to reproduce, publish, post, or (especially) to modify these materials.

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I own the compilation rights to this website. I have granted a nonexclusive license to Pace University Law School to mirror this site.

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I will grant permission liberally using Creative Commons licenses. I am only requiring permission for two reasons. First, some sites have reproduced this site in its entirety but have made no effort to keep the materials up to date. Second, some sites that reproduced this site altered the materials without making it clear who was responsible for the alterations. I am glad that people want to make these statements available for free on the web and will actively assist those who wish to post the signing statements and laws. But I cannot allow other people's words or opinions to be attributed to me.

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This website hosts a number of law review articles, audio files, and other materials with written permission from the authors and rights-holders. These people and organizations have generously allowed me to make these materials available to the public for free. Please respect these individuals' intellectual property rights. All such materials are clearly marked as being reproduced with permission of the rights-holders.